Freedom of choice

I am free to post, say whatever I want again, oh this is going to be fun…

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Wanderbook – 2003

This is a continuance of my “Tablet” stories (pre iPad) when Tablet’s (phablets) were not all the rage.

I really do plan to, as promised in Wanderbuch to write about a company I co-founded with Therese Swan and my wife Kelly. However there is a law case pending that I don’t want to influence at all, so I need to hold off on most of this. I can say this became a Realtor targeted business in 2003, and Kelly…

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Resume Summary

Clayton Weimer

• 20 years Software Engineering – Client-server mobile computing, graphical design, user interfaces, and Obj Oriented development.

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Programming in the Large with Ada at GTE

In 1985 after graduating I took on a position as a “Software Engineer” at GTE Government Systems in Mountain View, CA. The physical location is gone now, here it is in the 60’s, today, and around my time there: 1991.

Former home of GTW WD - 2014

Picture 1 of 3

Satellite view

That bubble building is what we were known for outside the company.  Looks like it moved between 1965 and 1991.  I remember in the 80’s you could see it from Summit Road high in the Santa Cruz mountains.  My wife always asked, “what’s in that…

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Tablets and Samsung

One reason why I am asked to testify and play expert witness a lot lately is because I have a deep memory and deep shed, of all things that were long forgotten from an era that should have been known as the era of smartphones and tablets done right.  We are still behind in some ways  – I know thats hard for people who see their iPhones become obsolete within a year…

Anyway, guess what year this was made?  (ha ha, its right in front of you).   So, when I read comments…

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I Am a Walking Office (1993)


It’s cool all the old USENET stuff is available and searchable via Google Groups.  For you non-techies and young ones, these discussion newsgroups WAS the social internet ,  well before the Web ( as we know it) was announced (on a newsgroup, BTW).  This was the pre 1995 era, and yes, I was connected to the Internet (using AT&T Easylink) via a wireless connection, using a tablet.

Walking Office (long) – comp.sys.pen |…

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Does EO-440/PenPoint (1992) = Apple iPad (2010)?

eo_andMe.jpgSomeone on the GO/EO Alumni group I am on asked:

“Does EO-440/PenPoint (1992) = Apple iPad (2010)?”

Here’s the best answer…



I could go on and on why the GO/EO machines (eventually known as the Personal Communicator) didn’t make it back then – now that I know what really happened along with having been forced to recreate and dig up the past in the last few years. Those pages of…

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You’ve Been Here Before Alice – Don’t You Remember?

I just saw Alice in Wonderland, in 3-d Imax and all its glory.  I liked it a lot.   I was grateful it was not the same old story.  My daughter liked it, my wife liked it, my 18 and 20 year old sons thought it stunk.   In fact they both laughed at us and couldn’t believe we thought it was good at all.I wondered, if when I was their age, would I have had the same review?…Has there been some kind of testosterone shift in me now…

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Around 1999, I was sitting in the jacuzzi and came  up with the name “Wanderbook” for a new company I was envisioning.  More about that later.

The interesting thing is a “Wanderbook” is an actual term (translated) used long ago in Europe. A “Wander-Buch” is a work record for a journeyman.

A “journeyman”, well those who have developed skill in the trades know, and they know  must first complete an apprenticeship with a master craftsman. In fact, my Dad was a journeyman (see Making ends meet).

A Wander-Buch of…

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Apple iPad Will Fail in a Late, Defensive Move: according to YADA

Do the pundits go from a YADA template?  Are they really set deep in retardation, or do they just write for the opposite effect?

I can’t pick from all the brainless articles that have been going around since the iPad announcement  (that I will humbly remind you that I discussed in August 2009).  Which one to tackle? Hmmm, easy pickings, here’s one… from Yet Another Dumb Ass (YADA).  And then you  YOU HAVE TO see the original article linked to at the end…ya just have to.  Now to be…

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Style over Substance vs. Substance and Style (Newton, iPad & EO)

Apple has always been hip and cool with their ads, ad nauseam some would say.   I can take it when there is truthful substance behind them, I can’t when its pure sugar water.   Apple to me was very hard to take during the non-Jobs era, because  they  lost their class,  style over substance.

Today, like 1984, they have both style and substance.

Its subjective though, some people can only take so much hipness and coolness.   I understand there is a big gray area between lying and total honesty…

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Yet Another Apple Tablet Rumor – only this time…

it was 1993…

Apple Tablet 1994

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It won’t be an “iTablet”, because size will not matter.

Apple’s pending iTablet confirmed?

Apple fans had a collective “I knew it!” moment yesterday as news trickled out that New York Times executive editor Bill Keller referred to an “impending Apple slate.”

Wow.  All they guy said was:

“We need to figure out the right journalistic product to deliver to mobile platforms and devices. I’m hoping we can get the newsroom more actively involved in the challenge of delivering our best…

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No News is News – Tablets, Beatles and Glitches

Sometimes I will do a Google on “Apple” and click on news…just to see, well, just to see what’s new.

I do believe in the adage “no news is good news”, so when there is no news and all we get is made up news, well it is kind of funny. You know, like those mags you see in the grocery line, kind of takes away from the boredom as the old lady in front of you argues with the clerk about the price of a can of beans.

When googling…

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Top 7 Reasons Why An “iPad” Makes Sense

The rumors are starting to make a little sense now.  Re-energized by a Border’s Books survey for readers preferences, someone noted an Apple iPAD as an option.  It makes sense that Apple would be working very closely with bookstores on this future device, and its possible someone slipped up and disclosed information they shouldn’t have.  Or simply it was a marketing stab in the air. Or, its possible the slip was intentional.  Like a trial balloon.
Who knows, but let’s have fun with the idea anyway. Here are…

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Back To The Future or Return Of The Jedi?

Sometimes I just can’t figure out which movie metaphor to use, in this case I will use them both.

I came across a post the other week in my old files, from sometime during my days when I was looking into Microsoft’s Tablet PC (2002). Having been intimately involved with the “Go Software” he mentions I understood the truth of his statements deeper than he could possibly know.  The link is still valid

This tablet…

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Trickery is an Art – Microsoft says Office for Mac will have Outlook

Trickery is an Art.

Microsoft’s Marketing Stunt Goes Viral…

Hmmm, and then there is this:

Microsoft says Office for Mac will have Outlook

REDMOND, Wash. — Microsoft Corp. said Thursday it will include Outlook, a popular e-mail and calendar program that’s ubiquitous on its Windows computers, in the next version of its Office suite for Apple Inc.’s Mac computers.
The current Mac version of Office includes Entourage, a program for sending e-mail and organizing appointments and contacts. The new version, which will be available in time for the holidays in 2010, will replace Entourage…

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Kelly’s iPhone

Kelly’s 3GS iPhone is a hit with her, she is making lots of vids and movies. I am still try to get her to post the vids and photos on mobileme, but she’d rather email it…oh well, but she is geting better at it…
Here is her iPhone mobileme website for photos and vids. Hoperfully I can help her organize it better…and have it auto blog when updated

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There ain’t gonna be an Apple “Tablet”, this is what it will be…

I have been thinking about telling the full story of the stylus-driven computer devices, especially what happened during the 1990’s – where from my unique point of view a full chapter of history on this technology has been forgotten, misremembered, and never properly recorded.

Of course, currently I am being driven by the hype and heated rumors of Apple’s upcoming Tablet (just google it)… I’ve seen this hype before, for 20 years as a matter of fact, but never this loud.

Anyway, if you know me, you know I know tablets…

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Tablets and Top Ten Lists

A lot of new and interesting things for developer’s has been announced at the Apple developers conference, yet I was struck by this article from PC World:

WWDC No Shows: 10 Things We Wanted From Apple and Didn’t Get.

What was number one item?

1. The Apple Tablet

Much of the tech community expected Apple to unveil some sort of tablet-like device at the WWDC this week. Reports suggested a 10-inch touchscreen could be coming our way, priced between $500 and $700 and running a Mac OS X-like operating system…

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